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conversation on any number of subjects, including a brief bing on where things stood with the -- a briefing on where things stood with the bombing in boston. we discussed budget matters and certainly we discussed the one piece of legislation that will be coming up today that is of importance to everyone in america, and that's the notion of having security when it comes to the cyberworld and making sure that not only are we doing everything to protect our people against attacks that are physical but also these days attacks that come through the internet, through the cyberworld, which can be devastating in many ways to families, to our financial system, to our economic system, and we know that there are people who want to hurt this country often in so many different ways so we have to be ready. cybersecurity is one of those areas where we must be ready and cannot allow some disaster to occur that we just didn't take the time to prepare for. and so we will look forward to having a bill that deals with cybersecurity at the same time it protects our, as americans, interest to privacy. to civil l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2